May 5, 2009

Jungle Jack

Jack is growing like a weed and talking up a storm. We can't understand all that he says... but it doesn't matter - it's all cute. Some of his favorite words include:

1. Momma
2. Juice (said "Duce")
3. Shoes
4. Cheerio (said "Sheero")
5. Pee-pee (he's actually referring to his "pee-pee")
6. Pappy and Pop-Po (Brent's Dad and my Dad)
7. Go
8. Kelty, our dog (said "Telty")
9. Paci (said "passsseeeeeeeee!")
10. Puppy (his favorite blanket with a dog head... he has to have it when he sleeps and anytime his paci is in his mouth)
11. Pow (Any stick, hammer, or long object is a Pow-Pow)
12. Cow

Those are his favorites, but he's constantly saying something new and fun. Brent and I love to watch his every move, then we look at each other and laugh. He's also found interesting ways to reach anything he wants. It's kind of scary, so everything has moved from off the floor, to a table, to a high shelf.

Here's a few photos of him sort of recently:

These are from the Little Rock Zoo where we called him "Jungle Jack"

Sunnie and Pappy went with us too

Here is one from when Jack got sick while we were in Texas. It was so sad to see him not have any energy and run a high fever. It scared me sick. He was very cuddly though.

These last two are Jack eating all by himself. We've begun to let him have his bowls and shovel his own food out with a spoon. We've tried to let him have his plates as well, but if it doesn't need a spoon and he can get to it with is hands, he puts ALL of it in his mouth at one time.

Here he is eating oatmeal:

Here he is eating sweet potatoes:

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