May 5, 2009

Jungle Jack

Jack is growing like a weed and talking up a storm. We can't understand all that he says... but it doesn't matter - it's all cute. Some of his favorite words include:

1. Momma
2. Juice (said "Duce")
3. Shoes
4. Cheerio (said "Sheero")
5. Pee-pee (he's actually referring to his "pee-pee")
6. Pappy and Pop-Po (Brent's Dad and my Dad)
7. Go
8. Kelty, our dog (said "Telty")
9. Paci (said "passsseeeeeeeee!")
10. Puppy (his favorite blanket with a dog head... he has to have it when he sleeps and anytime his paci is in his mouth)
11. Pow (Any stick, hammer, or long object is a Pow-Pow)
12. Cow

Those are his favorites, but he's constantly saying something new and fun. Brent and I love to watch his every move, then we look at each other and laugh. He's also found interesting ways to reach anything he wants. It's kind of scary, so everything has moved from off the floor, to a table, to a high shelf.

Here's a few photos of him sort of recently:

These are from the Little Rock Zoo where we called him "Jungle Jack"

Sunnie and Pappy went with us too

Here is one from when Jack got sick while we were in Texas. It was so sad to see him not have any energy and run a high fever. It scared me sick. He was very cuddly though.

These last two are Jack eating all by himself. We've begun to let him have his bowls and shovel his own food out with a spoon. We've tried to let him have his plates as well, but if it doesn't need a spoon and he can get to it with is hands, he puts ALL of it in his mouth at one time.

Here he is eating oatmeal:

Here he is eating sweet potatoes:

February 19, 2009

I love this little boy!

I don't have much to post except this really cute picture of Jack and me. He's getting so big... he climbed up paint cans today to look out the window in the studio. I didn't know he could do that!

January 27, 2009

15 months old

I know I must be the worst blogger in the world. I didn't post photos of Christmas or New Years or anything. Our December was really busy with photos and then we went to Texas for a week at New Year's. When we got back home we took a long time to prepare for the Little Rock bridal fair, which I'll post about soon. So, needless to say, I'm behind. Here is my adorable son at 15 months old. He is finally walking! He started right at New Year's with some serious encouragement from his Aunt Tiffy.

He's riding a big toy cow that he got from his Bible Class teacher, Ms.Erin, at Silver City. It was her daughter's toy who has outgrown it now. He's a real "cowboy".

December 3, 2008

Too much sickness

The weekend before Thanksgiving - Brent, Jack, and I spent the weekend with Brent's family fishing up around the Norfork dam. We had an awesome time, however the night before we left, Jack spent most of the night, throwing up everything he had in his little tummy until there was nothing left. I can't explain the fear I had. Jack has never thrown up before and I felt completely helpless. It was an awful feeling. I would've done anything to take his place and throw up for him. Well, I got my chance - three days later, Thanksgiving Day, Brent and I spent the whole day hugging a toilet instead of eating turkey and dressing. We thought we had food poisoning but after two more days 4 of my family members got sick as well and we found out we all had a stomach virus that started with my little Jack-Jack.

Now my sweet little boy is sick again and this time with RSV. We left Texas on Monday and went straight to the doctor in Conway. The doctor said then, that he had croup cough. Which I think he did, but he also had some kind of cold or virus that he didn't explain to us. So, we went in again today to a different doctor who was very good at checking him thoroughly and did a breathing treatment, nose swab, and chest x-ray. The nose swab told us that Jack was 100% positive for RSV (a respiratory virus) No wonder he's wheezing constantly and coughing so strongly. Off we go to the pharmacy once again and get him an inhaler so he can breathe better, some benadryl, and pedialyte because the poor dear keeps having diarrhea and a sore bottom.

I looked back at my sick little son in the back seat tonight with his severly chapped nose and mouth, rosy cheeks, and really snotty nose and thought - I don't know if I can have more kids. If this one child I have gets sick and throws me into a nervous wreck like I've been, I can't imagine having two. My heart aches beyond belief for my Jack. I'm praying that he sleeps better tonight than he did last night. Please pray for him too!

October 29, 2008

Jack's 1st Birthday

Well, I must say Jack is one lucky boy because he got 2 birthday parties this year! One in Texas and one in Arkansas. Too bad he won't even remember the event. But I think I have enough photos that he could get a play by play.

We celebrated on October 18th in Texas for Jack and my niece, Katie. Katie was born 4 days before Jack (because Jack came a little early) We didn't expect them to be that close together but we're so excited they are. My sister-in-law, Tiffany, planned a party where everyone dressed up like a Disney movie. Each family had to be from the same movie. It was just an immediate family birthday party so my brothers, their wives, Katie, Jack, parents, and my grandmother (Nanny). Tiff is an awesome decorator and painted everything in an "Under the Sea" theme. (Free hand painted) Katie was Aerial from "The Little Mermaid" and Jack was Nemo from "Finding Nemo" I spent a long time making Jack's costume because the Disney Store costume is EXPENSIVE! And I must say, I am kind of proud of the way it turned out. However, I didn't spend hardly anytime on me and Brent and our costume was HORRIBLE! If you're wondering from the photo below who we're supposed to be.. it's Darla and the dentist from Finding Nemo. I know... pretty sad costumes. On the other hand, Tiffany made each costume in her family and they turned out great! '

Dad & Mom - The Incredibles (My Dad wore tights!)
Nanny - Fairy Godmother
Tiff, Josh, Katie - The Little Mermaid (Josh is King Triton and Tiff is Urcela)
Eli & Amy - Tinkerbell and Captain Jack Sparrow (His Peter Pan outfit didn't arrive in time)
Us - Darla, dentist, and the cutest Nemo you've ever seen

My Little Nemo

Jack was done with the party at cake time, can you tell?

The decorated corner

Jack's present from Granny & Pop

Uncle Eli makes a funny face

my parents... the Incredibles

Fairy Godmother with the cute little sea creatures

the beautiful Aerial

His second birthday party I planned for October 25th. It wasn't as decorated as the Disney party, but I thought it turned out really cute! It wouldn't have turned out looking so pretty if it wasn't for the help from Sunnie. She brought mums and punch bowl and all kinds of accessories. We had snacky foods, cake, cupcakes, ice cream, punch, and sodas. A special thanks also to Amy for helping cook and to Mason for videoing and to Mandy & Molly for taking pictures for me.

There was a table of Jack photos (which is a bunch of photos!), a table for food, a corner for presents, and little photo magnets as a party favor. We had many family and friends show up and I was so happy that almost everyone that got invitations came! Thank you all for coming and for the adorable presents you brought!

It was Jack's first time to eat cake and I think he loved it (especially the icing). Here are some photos from the event...

Jack eats cake!

and opens presents - check out the cute hat that Teague made!

The adult chocolate cakes

The tables decorated in Fall colors

Jack looks at his homemade book from Amber Mullins (she also made him an awesome blanket & onsie!)

Cousin Evan feeds Jack dinner

Everyone sings Happy Birthday to Jack

Sunnie holds Jack and Anna Claire

Jack's actual birthday is October 24th. I still can't believe that he is one year old! I remember so vividly the day I was sitting at Sunnie & Charles' house, stood up and my water broke. Boy, that was wierd... I knew I couldn't be peeing in my pants so much. So off we go to the hospital and my little boy was born at 2:05 in the morning.
It seems like only yesterday he was so tiny....

September 27, 2008


Jack is 11 months old now and, I have to say, I'm probably the most paranoid mother about him eating bigger foods. He has two teeth on bottom and I'm never sure if the food I'm feeding him is too big, too textured, too chewy, etc. I tried to give him a bananna the other day and actually let him bite it instead of me chopping it up in smaller pieces. Jack proceeded to put the whole bananna in his mouth so, I went to my old ways of chopping it up. I'm really scared of him choking so I would love to hear any feedback from my friends and family that have had children in this stage of life on what you gave your children to eat at this age.

He is the most adorable boy in the world to me and here are a few photos of him doing his most favorite thing.... eating.

September 17, 2008

Jack at 10.5 months old

Jack is 10 and 1/2 months old now and doing lots of new stuff. Here is a list of things he can do:

• CRAWL! - He used to only be able to go backwards, now he does it all
• Pull up on everything (including the toilet)
• Play patty cake
• Eat almost anything mushed up (I'm still a little paranoid about big things)
• mimic Brent or myself with some sounds
• Scream, kick, roll over and do anything to not get a diaper on
• Watch Baby Einstein without blinking an eye
• Give hugs and kisses
• Eat leaves and grass
• Laughs when tickled
• Loves to pull on Kelty's ears, face, tail, etc.

Here is a couple we caught of Kelty giving Jack kisses...

Here is a few I took today in our field...

I love this little boy so much!